What is Biomagnetism?

Biomagnetism is a therapeutic approach that uses medium-intensity magnets to identify and neutralize the development and growth of pathogenic microorganisms (such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites) that cause illness and organ dysfunction in the human body. 

How does it work?

Illness cannot develop with a balanced pH. Pathogenic microorganisms, organ dysfunction, and trauma each produce a distortion of the pH of two specific points in the body, which can vary in intensity but not in location. 

The biomagnetic treatment places two magnets, of at least 1000 gauss of intensity (optimal is 5000 gauss), for a short period of time on these specific areas of the body, where a condition or pathogen has been identified, to bring the pH back to a normal level, without adding or subtracting energy to the human organism. Correcting the pH balance allows the body to begin healing and restore health.

Benefits of Biomagnetism

  1. Biomagnetism treats the etiology, the root cause of the ailment, not just the symptoms.

    • For example, someone who suffers from acid reflux will typically focus on treating their symptoms by taking Pepto Bismol, Tum Tums, etc. Biomagnetism will address the cause of the acid reflux, the ____ bacteria, and by doing so also relieve their symptoms. This therapy can eliminate viruses to treat viral infections, which traditional medicine cannot do.

  2. Biomagnetism is also a preventative therapy. In many instances, specific groups of pathogenic microorganisms work together to cause disease and dysfunction. Regular treatments will _______.


The first Biomagnetic Pair was discovered in 1988 by Dr. Issac Goiz Duran from Mexico City. Building upon the work of Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, the Chief Medical Officer of NASA in the 1980s, who demonstrated that it is possible to measure distortions of the pH with magnetic fields, Dr. Goiz  

found that applying a magnetic pair (one magnet with a positive polarity and one with negative polarity) to a specific area of the body neutralized the pH of said area. Dr. Goiz applied this magnetic pair discovery to a patient suffering from a severe infectious pathogen. After the treatment, the patient's health steadily improved. This particular magnetic pairing became known as the first Biomagnetic Pair. Dr. Goiz then dedicated his life to studying, researching, and discovering new Biomagnetic pairs. 

Dr. Goiz passed away in 2021. We will always remember him as ______

Dr. Goiz Tribute Video

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