Coronavirus clarification

Biomagnetism can detect  all the coronavirus tested in a USA hospital::  229E, HKU1, NL53,, OC43 and Covid-19. All of coronavirus  are found  in the same biomagnetic point Urethra-Urethra.. . When in USA the test is positive for the first 4 coronavirus  they don't do anything special, patient is in a regular single or double room without any isolation precautions and without special treatment. But when the test coronavirus Covid 19 is positive the patient is isolated in a single room with the extreme isolation precaution Mask N95, gown, gloves, face shield etc and the treatment just for the symptom. The problem that I started to see with my biomagnetic students is the following: When they test the point urethra-urethra and is positive inmediatly ASSUME THAT THE PATIENT OR FAMILY MEMBER HAVE CORONAVIRUS Covid 19, they get scare or they complete panic. But you need to understand that maybe is one of the other coronavirus that really is not producing the problem specially is the patient don't have any symptoms. Only if the therapist really does Bioenergy could know exactly which coronavirus find it. otherwise will need to rely in the symptoms  to try to figure out what exactly the patient have.  

The most important is with biomagnetism we are finding and treating any of the coronavirus including the Covid 19 so patient and family members can be sure that we are preventing to get sick. 

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