Patient Testimonials

"Ricardo has been treating my family for 4 years now. We see him every 6 months for preventative reasons or more often if we get sick. Throughout the years he cured me of various things. For example in August of 2018 I started coming down with something that felt like the flu. I saw him that afternoon and in 24 hours my aches and fever went away and they never developed into a full-blown flu. On another occasion the magnet therapy cured my UTI so I didn’t have to take antibiotics. He helped my 4-year-old recover from colds and fever faster several times. I feel very, very fortunate that I met Ricardo and I can count on him to help keep my family healthy from small and serious diseases."

E. Vega

From FL

January, 2019

I wanted to share a little bit of my story and how Biomagnetic Therapy has helped save my life. For almost the past decade I have been dealing with a liver disease that a lot of people feel is not able to be cured with anything but mainstream medicine. I have been extremely hesitant with specific western medicine as not much research has been done on these antivirals and not enough time to see any long term effects, as well they are not safe while breastfeeding (which i still am) I was referred to try Biomagnetic Treatment. After 2 sessions I had more blood work done to see where my virals were at. WELL, after my results I came out of my Drs office crying, running to my son holding him so tight and kissing him, but the thing is these tears were HAPPY tears because the news i received was that my liver disease has been healed to the point where they can barely even detect any virus in my system!!!! The Drs are beyond amazed and said they have never seen this unless someone does their treatment. We are still working to completely clear/cure this with the magnets. My lab results and this paper in front of me PROVES this works 🙂 thank you for not changing my life but SAVING it. My family and I are blessed beyond belief, staying positive, happy and healthy. We only have one life and it's time I start living it to the fullest :-)

Kristin V.

November, 2018

"I've had unexplainable back and overall muscular pain and I went to Ricardo. I did not tell him about the pain I was experiencing. He told me I had a bacteria on my back that must have been causing me a lot of pain, and really I was. I couldn't sleep at night or workout because it made the pain worse. Needless to say that after he placed the magnets on the areas where I needed it as the afternoon progressed, I felt great. I had no tension whatsoever and no pain. This was one month ago and I feel great. I even cancelled an appointment I had with a neurosurgeon because I no longer need to consider a spinal block on my neck and lower back. It worked for me and I completely believe in this." 

M. Yanes

June, 2014