Seminar Testimonials

"I attended the Level 1 Biomagnetism seminar taught by Ricardo in May 2018. I wanted to learn the basic points to be able to treat common illnesses on myself and my toddler. Naturally, having a toddler in preschool means getting sick pretty often. The seminar and Ricardo's experience of the past 15+ years treating people in various countries was amazing. I especially liked the hands-on part of the class when every student got to practice the magnetic points on others in the class and Ricardo corrected or confirmed our findings. I use the material learned in the class on a regular basis as prevention and also when we get sick with the flu, a stomach bug, etc. I feel that I have more options and control over our health with this knowledge! Thank you Ricardo!"
"Such a beautiful system and method of healing. Yasu Seminars really made the material accessible and applicable."


Information Technology

Oldsmar, Florida

 (May 2018)

Kari Guillen

(October, 2018)

"I believe learning this medical modality will allow me to better evaluate and treat patients in my Acupuncture practice! By clearing pathogens, I am better able to help them heal more completely, feel well, and live a better life! Thank you for sharing!"
"This was my first biomagnetic class. Dr. Hidalgo was very organized as he taught us about the history and all the classifications. It was extremely helpful to have the Scanning Points Notebook to take notes as he spoke through all the points. I'm excited to be able to use this on my family to start the healing process." 

Allyson Lange-Sost, Dipl. Ac. L.Ac


 (October, 2018)

Lorrie Rick 

(March, 2019)

" I highly recommend taking this course whether to treat your friends, family or make it a business healing people. It truly is an amazing therapy with an amazing instructor." 
"Attending this seminar has given me more confidence to practice on family and friends, to help me be better equipped to treat others and see the healing that others have witnessed. My life has purpose and meaning and I do invest in the lives of others now spiritually, but now I will be able to help physically."

Kristin Verhayden

 (March, 2019)

Joan Hartlen 

(March, 2019)