What is Biomagnetism?

This treatment aims to neutralize the development & growth of the pathogenic microorganisms that produce diseases.


Upcoming seminars Level 1 July 31 August 1 2021
Level 2 September 11-12  2021  Oldsmar Fl

Level 1 


Dr Isaac Goiz Duran

We will never forget your legacy

Rest In peace my friend

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Ricardo Hidalgo is a Physical Therapist with over twenty seven years of experience working in the United States. Mr. Hidalgo's experience as a physical therapist has taken place in many settings, including inpatient acute care, outpatient and pediatrics. He

Mr. Hidalgo studied biomagnetism with Dr. Goiz in 2005 in Berlin Germany.  Since them Mr Hidalgo has participated in more than forty Biomagnetic and Bioenergy seminars in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and the United States.  Furthermore, he has successfully organized Biomagnetic seminars in the United States and in Argentina. For all of his dedication and work in the field of Biomagnetic Therapy since 2005, Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran nominated Mr. Ricardo Yasu Hidalgo  as an official instructor of medical Biomagnetism seminars. Mr Hidalgo has been teaching Biomagnetic seminars  in USA, Chile, Spain and Portugal since 2014. He also treats patients in individual sessions using Biomagnetic therapy.. For appointment text him at  +1727 7769525