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Home Study Course

What is it?

Learn Biomagnetism in the comforts of your own home with Yasu Seminars's Home Study Course. 

What comes included?

  • A Yasu Seminars Level 1 Biomagnetism manual 

  • The Complete Biomagnetism Guide 

  • The Biomagnetism Common Points packet

  • A Yasu Seminars Biomagnetism Starter Kit

  • Two hours of a personalized private Zoom/FaceTime meeting

    • Must be scheduled in advance after purchase

    • Only available for one month after purchase

Detailed Descriptions of the products

The Yasu Seminars Level 1 Biomagnetism manual: This manual contains essential information about this therapy that includes the history, of biomagnetism, understanding pH, the kinesiology of biomagnetic pair, microbiology, how to scan the body using magnets, a magnet pair list by anatomic position and a list by microorganism. This complete manual includes an atlas with the exact location of the scanning points.

The Complete Biomagnetism Guide: This is an atlas where you see the exact location of the negative magnet with all corresponding positive magnet points. The guide is organized by anatomical position in the same order as the manual. 

The Biomagnetism Common Points posters: This is a guide to treat several illnesses with Biomagnetism. It is an excellent guide to use in between full check ups especially during flu season and is easy to understand for family members or friends that haven't taken a biomagnetism class and need guidance on where to place the magnets. 


The Biomagnetism Starter Kit: *

- 5 pairs of ferrite magnets

- 1 pair of small neodymium magnets

- 3 small holding bars

- A box to carry the magnets

*Contents are subject to change based on the availability of each type of magnet

IMG_0135 (1).jpg

Sample kit - items may be different than what is available

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