The OFFICIAL Statement From Dr. Goiz

"Viruses are portions of DNA associated with a mucoprotein, meaning that viruses do not have a metabolism. The portion of DNA that is encoded within a cell and the mucoprotein is generated by bacteria.


In the case of HIV (an immunodeficiency virus occurs in the rectum) and the mucoprotein in the mediastinum by E. coli; in relation to the coronavirus, the portion of DNA occurs in the urethra (final part of the urinary tract) and the mucoprotein is generated by bacteria that are close to that area (pseudomonas aeruginosa - yersinia pestis or bordetella pertussis) but after 31 years of treating To thousands of patients I affirm:


No virus can cause the death of the carrier since the virus only causes fever or edema, which requires association with another pathogenic element to achieve the death of the patient.


In the case of HIV it can be tuberculosis, neisseria gonorrhoeae, chlamydia trachomatis or treponema pallidum; and, in the case of CORONAVIRUS, the pertussis bacillus.


These concepts are the result of the dual or bipolar concept of EL PAR BIOMAGNETICO discovered in 1988 in Mexico, scientists changed the name of the virus to distract attention and justify its curative failure, but CORONAVIRUS is the same as COVID-19."